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It is expected for someone to feel uneasy before attending their first appointment with a psychologist. Many thoughts might be crossing one’s mind, such as:

“What should I talk about?”
“How about if I don’t feel comfortable with my psychologist?”
“Will my psychologist judge me and what I am sharing?”

First things first. The purpose of the first appointment is to make the psychologist and the client acquaintances. The psychologist will ask the client some basic information and further explore the answers given on the intake form. The client’s psychologist will also ask the reason why the client is seeking for psychological support and explore their reason for feeling/experiencing life this way. The client and the psychologist will work together on defining focused goals to guide their treatment.

A psychologist will accept their client unconditionally and will provide a judgment-free zone, a safe place were all thoughts and feelings are accepted. The more a person is capable to share their thoughts and feelings, the easier the therapeutic process will be. Almost all information disclosed during an appointment is confidential, with exception:

  • If the client is in risk of seriously harming themselves or others;
  • If the client gives formal consent for the information to be shared;
  • If required by court orders.

It is important to remind that the appointment is for the client, therefore the client set the boundaries of information they will share with their psychologist.


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