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“The best way to find ourselves is not by exploring the outside, but our inner self.”

Patricia Martins, Principal Psychologist

Patricia Martins

Patricia Martins is a Portuguese and Spanish speaking psychologist who helps immigrants find their place in Australia.
Patricia moved from Brazil to Melbourne in 2012, and she knows firsthand how challenging it can be to adapt to a new culture and environment. She faced many difficulties along the way, but she also learned a lot about herself and how to cope with change. That’s why she decided to dedicate her career to helping people who are going through a similar journey. Patricia works with immigrants who are struggling with emotional distress, anxiety, loneliness, or any other issue that may arise from moving to a new country. Her work is to support them and helps them thrive in their new surroundings.
Patricia is a person-centred therapist, who uses a variety of techniques to suit her clients’ needs and goals. She draws from psychodynamic approaches, such as Analytical (Jungian) Psychology and ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy), as well as evidence-based techniques, such as CBT and Schema Therapy. She also offers a warm, compassionate, and culturally sensitive space for her clients.
Patricia is open to supervising counsellors who are interested in learning more about Psychodynamic approaches, as well as psychologists who are working towards their Psychology registration in Australia.
Patricia is passionate about mental health and immigration, and she shares her tips and insights on her website and social media platforms. She welcomes clients for face to face appointments in Melbourne (VIC) and provide online support from immigrants in Australia and New Zealand.



Ana Marchetti

Ana Marchetti is a licensed ABA therapist who works with people in the autism spectrum.
Ana has a personal connection to autism, as her nephew was diagnosed with it when he was young. She saw how he struggled with communication, social skills, and behavior, and how his family tried to find the best support for him. Ana was inspired by his courage and resilience, and I decided to pursue a career in helping people like him.
Ana has a degree in arts and a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). She works mainly with children and adolescents, both in the clinic and at home. Ana tailors her treatment plan to each client’s needs and goals, and collaborate with their families and other professionals to ensure the best outcomes. She also provides parent training and support, as I believe that families play a vital role in the therapy process.

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