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When you go to your GP and receive access to a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), your GP will refer to someone within his network if you do not have a psychologist in mind for your treatment. However, if you have the name of a psychologist you would like to work with, you can request your GP to address your referral to your chosen professional. Click here is you need our details to give to your GP.

If you have received a MHCP and would like to see other psychologist than the one addressed in your referral, you can. You simply need to bring a copy of your referral on your first appointment with one of our clinicians. You must advise our receptionist if you have seen another psychologist with the Mental Health Care Plan you are utilising.


Our clinicians have experience in several areas and work with a diverse range of methodologies. We offer psychological support face to face in Melbourne, in St Kilda rd, and all over Australia through telehealth. Click here to learn more about our psychologists or click here to book your session.