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At Talking Works, we understand how challenging life in a foreign country can be. When a person moves countries, they usually leave a big part of their identity behind. They leave family members, friends, and in many cases, their profession.

This was the case with our Clinical Director, Patricia Martins

Patricia is originally from Brazil, where she completed her studies in Psychology in 2011. She started to work as a Psychologist soon after, and saw plenty of clients until she decided to come to Australia. Patricia validated her degree in Australia through the 5+1 pathway, and knows how difficult it could be for a person with overseas qualifications to register as a Psychologist in Australia.

Patricia now assists individuals who have overseas qualifications and would like to have them assessed and validated in Australia. This service includes:

  • Guidance on how to prepare applications and documents to apply for a registration in Australia;
  • Guidance on how to prepare applications to migrate to Australia;
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses of each individual case;
  • Support in the decision making process during the registration process.

These services are not psychotherapeutic, therefore no Medicare claim is available.

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