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The Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)  is a plan prescribed to you by your GP, in order to support you on the treatment of mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as personality disorders.

You don’t need a diagnosis to talk with your GP regarding accessing the MHCP.

A MHCP needs to be prescribed by a GP or a paediatrician

Share with your doctor your challenges and concerns regarding your mental health, and tell that you are interested in having a Mental Health Care Plan.

Your GP will access your eligibility by asking specific questions about what is been going on and will ask you to fill out a K10 form, which is a ten question checklist to measure if you are presenting anxiety and depression symptoms at the present. Together, you and your doctor will come up with goals you would like to achieve during your therapeutic process and a copy of those will be provided to your psychologist.

If you have a MHCP, you will be eligible to rebates for up to ten individual therapy sessions and ten groups therapy sessions.

You will not have access to rebates for ten sessions at once. Your GP will prescribe six appointments and, after your sixth appointment, you will need to attend your doctor again to review your Mental Health Care Plan and receive another referral.

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